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  • 4 Cores (modern CPU's)

  • 8GB RAM

  • 300GB of storage SSD 

  • 2 Cores (modern CPU's)

  • 4GB RAM

  • 200Gb of storage SSD 



In this guide, we have made setting up a node as easy as possible

In this guide, we wrote how to set up a bot to track the state of the stafihub node

To install, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create a bot, get an api token (To get a token, you can use FatherBot in telegram) and a telegram chat id, you can read how to do it at the link - 

  2. Run the script, select the installation stage, which will ask you to enter API_token and telegram chat id.

   3.Select the "Start bot" item and enter the following data in the line that appears, you also need to leave the next line empty

*/1 * * * * /bin/bash $HOME/alerts/alerts.sh



In this guide, we have made setting up a node as easy as possible

To install, you just need to take the script and go through the installation order


sudo systemctl stop seid seid tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.sei
wget -O $HOME/.sei/config/addrbook.json "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sei-protocol/testnet/main/sei-devnet-1/addrbook.json"
LATEST_HEIGHT=$(curl -s $SNAP_RPC/block | jq -r .result.block.header.height); \ BLOCK_HEIGHT=$((LATEST_HEIGHT - 1000)); \
TRUST_HASH=$(curl -s "$SNAP_RPC/block?height=$BLOCK_HEIGHT" | jq -r .result.block_id.hash)
sed -i.bak -E "s|^(enable[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1true| ; \ s|^(rpc_servers[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$SNAP_RPC,$SNAP_RPC\"| ; \ s|^(trust_height[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1$BLOCK_HEIGHT| ; \ s|^(trust_hash[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$TRUST_HASH\"| ; \ s|^(seeds[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"\"|"

restart ur node

sudo systemctl restart seid && journalctl -u seid -f -o cat